Introduction to Purple Dot

Purple Dot is a waitlisting plugin for your e-commerce store that helps you sell your products sooner. It adds a dedicated pre-order checkout (styled to fit your brand) for any items you choose to enable for pre-order in our dashboard.

We take a payment when the customer pre-orders, and hold the pre-orders until you are ready to fulfil them. When then export them to your store to be processed as regular orders, and transfer the funds to you.

How does it work?

Purple Dot for Merchants includes:

  • A Merchant Portal - a portal where you set up your waitlists and manage your pre-orders.

  • An Integration with Your E-commerce Store - a pre-order button, high-converting, dedicated pre-order checkout, and pre-order self-service portal that provice first-class pre-order experience for you customers.

How do I Get Started?

Check out our Get Started Guide to set up Purple Dot.