Shopify Integration Checklist

Use this checklist to help ensure a smooth deployment of Purple Dot on Shopify.

Purple Dot connects to Shopify as a private app. Follow these steps to create a private app with the required permissions and connect it to Purple Dot.

Import your Shopify inventory into Purple Dot. Make sure the products that you are going to set up waitlists have been imported.

Follow the integration tutorial to add the pre-order button to your product pages. Make sure it shows for products that have a waitlist. We recommend either checking for a pre-order product tag or calling the availability API to check if a product has waitlist dynamically.

Make sure the button is updated whenever a new variant is selected (see the tutorial). You should see the currently selected variant in the checkout when you click the button.

You can style the button to look like a native part of your site. You can also use your brand's fonts and colours in the cart and checkout modals. See the styling guide for more detail.

If your store let's shoppers add products to their cart from places other than the product page (e.g. quick shop modals or collection pages), make sure the pre-order button works correctly in those places too.

When taking pre-orders for products, they will often have 0 stock in Shopify. Make sure that the product and collection pages show the pre-order button correctly when a product is out of stock.

You might need to remove "Sold out" labels from collection pages and other places that show them. We recommend replacing them with "Pre-order" labels for products that have a waitlist.

See the out of stock guide.

If you are taking pre-orders for multiple products at the same time, follow this guide to integrate the pre-order cart.

If you using the express checkout only, you can skip this step.

Adding the self-service portal lets your customers manage their pre-orders themselves without having to contact customer support.

If you are using the self-service portal, we recommend linking to it from your existing support pages.

You should include your logo and support links in the transactional emails Purple Dot sends. You can configure this in the Integration section in your Portal.

Configure your pre-order shipping rates in the Shipping section of the Portal. You can import your existing Shopify rates or use custom ones for pre-orders.

Make sure you've tested the integration with the products that will have waitlists before putting it live on your store.

To receive funds when you fulfil pre-orders, you need to connect your bank account in the Balance section of the Portal.