Add the Self-Service Portal

The self-service portal allows your customers to see their pre-order history and cancel pre-orders before they are fulfilled.

We recommend hosting the self-service iframe on a new page which is linked from your support pages, similar to how a returns portal would be.

The self-service portal works in two modes:

  • Guest mode, where the customer looks up their pre-order using the reference and the postal code.
  • Logged-in mode, where the customer sees all pre-orders made with their email if they are logged into your store.

Guest Mode Integration

The following snippet can be placed on a Shopify page by editing the page's HTML:

<div data-purple-dot-placement-type="pre-order-status-placement"></div>
<!-- Initialise the SDK and load the iframe in guest mode -->
window.PurpleDot.init({ apiKey: '78596eb5-2ff3-473f-a23f-f31126309c62' });
window.PurpleDot.loadPreorderStatusPage({ mode: 'guest' });

Logged-in Mode Integration

Logged-in mode requires integrating with your backend. For more details about using logged-in mode, see the SDK reference.