Connect Shopify

Purple Dot connects to Shopify as a private app. This allows Purple Dot to export pre-orders to Shopify and keep the product data in sync.

  1. Log into your Shopify store's admin panel, navigate to the Apps section, click "Manage private apps" at the bottom of the page.

  2. Click "Create new private app". You can set the app name to Purple Dot and developer email to

  3. Select two sets of Admin API permissions to enable for Purple Dot. Products - Read Access and Orders - Read and Write access. Purple Dot needs those to import your inventory and export orders.

    If you are using discount incentives with pre-orders, you also need to select Discounts - Read and Write access and Price Rules - Read and Write access under Admin API.

  4. In the Purple Dot Merchant Portal, navigate to the Integration page and click "Connect" in the Shopify section.

  5. Set the Myshopify domain to your store's Shopify domain (not your store's custom domain), and copy the API key, API password and Shared secret values from Shopify to Purple Dot.

  6. When you save, you should see "Connected to".

  7. To import your products from Shopify, navigate to the Products page of the Merchant Portal and click "Import from Shopify".

  8. Once you confirm, all products will be imported and kept in sync using Shopify webhooks.