Lock in undecided shoppers

Purple Dot is the new way to offer discounts on your e-commerce store without harming your margins or your brand

When undecided shoppers bounce, they're expensive to get back

If the price is just a bit too high then they’ve gone on to buy elsewhere and you're paying Google and Facebook to try to win them back
"I really like this item"Shoppers see products that they would like to buy
"But it’s a little bit too expensive"But the price might be a little bit too high for them
"I’ll wait for it to go on sale"Those shoppers will leave and may never come back

Let shoppers request a lower price

Make the sale when shoppers have the highest intent
“I really like this item”Customers see products that they’d really like to buy
“I’ll try the Purple Dot Price”They can decide between the full price and the Purple Dot Price
“I got it at a discount”Within 7 days they will be told if their request has been accepted, with no expensive marketing to bring them back

Offer a Purple Dot Price

Purple Dot is an e-commerce integration for your website that lets you add a second price to your products.

A Purple Dot Price converts more customers by letting them pre-pay at a discount knowing that they have to wait and they may or may not get it.

i$159.20 Request to save 20%REQUEST PURPLE DOT PRICE

Only Pay Us As Offers Roll In

We charge 5% on each transaction.

(No setup fees and card fees are included)

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