Good for your wallet. Good for your favourite brands.

Good for your wallet. Good for your favourite brands.

What’s Purple Dot?

Purple Dot is a smarter way to shop online. Once you find something you want to buy, you can pre-pay a lowered price and we’ll request that price on your behalf. If the offer is approved, it’s yours. If not, you get a full refund. Simple as that. No secrets. No hidden fees.

How does it work?
(for me)

Once you lock in your request and payment, we know you’re committed to that perfect-for-you item. From there, we secure as many Purple Dot orders of that item as we can with our retail partner, and place the order at the special price. If the price is approved, the item’s yours!

So, did I get it?

You’ll know the outcome in 1-2 weeks. Before you check out, you’ll see the maximum wait time along with exactly where your order is coming from. Again, no secrets here.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. The way we price things is also good for the company you’re buying from. They can manage their stock better, so they’re not left with too much at the end of a season, which means less waste in the long run. For these reasons and more, 80% of the time retailers choose to go with the Purple Dot price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Purple Dot?

Purple Dot is a way to request a discount on something you want – and then, you wait to see if you get it! We ask you to pre-pay at the discounted price (the Purple Dot price!) to lock in your request, so that we know you really want it at that discount. This way, we can secure as many orders as possible at the discounted Purple Dot price with our retail partners. And, most of the time – we get it for you! This is a track record we are committed to. Don’t worry – if we can’t secure your order, you’ll get a full refund immediately.

Usually the wait time is between one to two weeks – we let you know at checkout the maximum wait time, so you’ll know when to hear from us about your request. We also let you know the store or brand we will be purchasing from – so you can trust that your order is coming from a reputable source.

This new way to shop is called non-instant shopping.

How do you select the products that have a Purple Dot Price?

We curate small collections of related products on that never or rarely go on sale anywhere.

Missing your favourite product?

Is the Purple Dot price the lowest price this item will ever go to?

Within reason, yes – if within 30 days you find the exact item from the exact retailer or brand with a lower price than the Purple Dot price that you paid, let us know. Send a picture or screenshot along with your Purple Dot order number to We’ll refund you the difference.

How likely is it that I’ll get my item if I buy with Purple Dot?

We aim for an 80% success rate. So, if you checkout with Purple Dot, there’s an 80% chance you will get it. If not, we will always fully refund you immediately.

If you don’t want to risk missing out on the item, always pay full-price to get it now.

How do I know what I buy from Purple Dot is authentic?

Your item is sourced and shipped directly from the brand or retailer, so you can be rest assured that your item is authentic exactly as if you bought it on their site or in their store. We just facilitate the availability, pricing, and non-instant shopping orders in the background.

Can I still buy at full price if I don’t get the Purple Dot price?

Sometimes! If you missed out at the Purple Dot price, and still want to buy that item, always go check at the retailer or brand site to see if it’s still available.

If you don’t want to risk missing out on the item though, always pay full-price now.

How long will it take to refund me?

We issue the refund right away when you get an email letting you know you that you didn’t get the item. However, depending on your bank, it can take up to 10 days to see this in your account. If you don’t see a processed refund within 10 days, please contact us at with your order number.

What is the return policy if I buy something with Purple Dot?

Returns are free within 21 days of your shipment. If you’d like to return something, please email us at and we will help you through the process.

I have ideas or feedback for Purple Dot. Who can I contact?

Awesome! We love all feedback and ideas, no matter how big or small. Reach us at