Our Story

In 2019, we became obsessed with how demand is converted in an online world. In a race to convert as many customers as possible, things like order immediacy and deep discounting have become the norm.

But, alongside this, there’s been a slippery slope to eroding margins and lots of waste. Stories of inventory being burned in retail, as an example, has become commonplace.

We know there has to be a better way. We’re on a mission to help eCommerce transform their business models through using waitlists and smarter analytics to sell more and reduce waste.

Meet the Founders

First we brought you Twizoo (exited to Skyscanner in 2017) and are excited to start another company together. Backed by a formidable group of investors including Moxxie and Connect.

Madeline Parra - Co-founder

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John Talbott - Co-founder

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Our investors

Moxxie VenturesConnect Ventures

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